Virola 2.0.2 Build 23060614

June 6, 2023

This Virola Messenger update improves attachments workflow and implements a new emotions processing.

Please update your Virola Server to the latest version to make attachments work well.

Improved message attachments adding

From now on you can:

Attachments preview in Virola Messenger

Changes in emoticons processing

We decided to switch from our custom emoticons to system ones so that on each client, mobile or desktop, users see the set of emoticons they are accustomed to. So, from now on you will see Apple emoticons on iOS and macOS clients, Google emotions on Linux and Android clients, and for Windows we used Noto Color Emoji or standard Windows emoticons are used depending on the OS version.

UI improvements

Numerous minor UI improvements were made to make your experience with Virola smooth and pleasant.