Virola Messenger 2.1.4 Build 23071719

July 17, 2023

Updated chat rooms panel

We removed the Recent group from the chat rooms panel as it was misleading for many customers, especially for those who don't have many chat rooms created. So, now there are Pinned, Private, Meeting and Archived groups.

As a replacement for the Recent group we implemented rooms sorting by the most resent message in each group. So now you can have your favorite chat rooms pinned to the top, and rooms with new messages bob up in all groups.

Messages inside discussions are not used when sorting the rooms list or when displaying the latest message preview on the chat room tab. But the new message indicator still appears on the tab when a new discussion message comes, as well as the new message indicator appears on the discussion bar under the specific message.

Other updates

After implementing discussions, we experienced the global search feature malfunction. In this build this issue was fixed, the search now looks through all existing messages - in both regular chats and discussions.

Some time ago we implemented attachments preview in new messages, so that you can first attach all needed files, type the message, adjust its settings if needed and only then send the message. In this build we added the same preview for attachments added from clipboard to existing messages.