Virola Messenger 2.2.2 Build 23101815

October 18, 2023

Flexible permission framework

A flexible permission framework is an essential part of any corporate messenger. You may need to create read-only channels, allow or restrict certain actions in specific rooms or for specific users, etc.

In the latest Virola version, we've introduced an advanced permission system, enabling you to efficiently oversee user actions, such as message creation, editing, and deletion, within group rooms and discussions.

Screenshot of Virola administrator menu with permissions settings

Besides global app-level permissions, room-level and user-level permissions are available for each public room and each user in this room.

Screenshot of the menu including permissions of different levels

Voice meetings recording

During voice meetings a wide range of topics is covered, from significant decisions to minute details, and it's good to have an option to review these discussions to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our new meeting recording feature facilitates this process, allowing you to start and stop recording at any moment and then upload the recorded track to the meeting room or store it on your computer for future reference.

Screenshot of the meeting room toolbar with an ongoing meeting and recording enabled
Options available for the recorded meeting track