Getting started with Virola Messenger

Step-by-step introduction to Virola

Text chat with demo users

First steps with Virola Messenger - try text chat with help of demo users Alice and Bob

Audio and video meeting with demo users

Use demo users Alice and Bob to test video and audio meetings in your fresh Virola setup

How to add new users

Learn how to create user profiles for your colleagues (admin feature) and start chatting with them

How to create chat rooms

Structure your company workflow by creating private and group chat rooms for different needs

Basic Virola functions

Get acquainted with essential Virola functions for seamless user experience

How to schedule meetings

Learn how to create meetings, set meeting agenda, and track upcoming meetings

How to create issues

Learn how to create issues, set their properties and track them on the task board

Managing permissions, part 1

Get acquainted with Virola permission framework. Learn how to set global user and public room permissions

Managing permissions, part 2

Learn about permissions hierarchy and moderator role in setting permissions for specific rooms or users

Customizing Virola appearance

Tune Virola Client appearance to fit your needs

Screen sharing and remote control

Learn how to share your computer screen and how to give other users access to your computer with Virola

Meetings recording

Record your voice and video meetings for future reference

Notifications management

Configure sound and visual notifications the way you like