How to create an issue from a message

You or your co-workers can share great ideas while exchanging messages. Such messages can be easily converted to issues which will then appear as tasks on a Scrum board. This will definitely save time and will allow your team members to make their workflow more efficient.

How to convert a message into an issue

To convert a message to an issue:

  1. Right click the message a and choose 'Turn into Issue' option
  2. Use the issue toolbar to set the issue properties
  3. Drop files to the issue or paste a screenshot from the clipboard (right click / Attach Image from Clipboard)

However, there are some limitations related to Virola permissions for user, moderator and admin roles:

  • If you are a regular user you can convert only your own messages to issues
  • If you are a group chat room moderator you can convert any message in the room to an issue
  • If you are an administrator you can convert any message to an issue