Setting issue properties

Issue properties can be set in two ways:

Issue type

Issues are categorized into a few different types. You can select one of these types when posting or updating an issue in order to give it a clearer description: Task, Subtask, Bug, Epic, Story, Feature Request and Merge Request. We adopted Agile issue types so that you could handle your agile processes in Virola.

How to set issue type
  • Task. A task is written from a developer or QA point of view
  • Subtask is a smaller part of a task
  • Bug. Report about a problem that should be fixed
  • Epic is a body of work which can be divided into several tasks
  • Story. A story is written from a customer or user point of view
  • Feature request can be created as a request for new feature development with its detailed description and attached documentation
  • Merge request. This type of issue can be added if you want to merge branch in GIT, merge several tasks, etc.

Issue status

Issue status defines the issue position on the task board. You can select from standard Scrum statuses: Backlog, To Do, In Progress, Verify, Done, Declined.

How to set issue status

Other issue properties

You can also set different priorities, such as Normal, High or Urgent to your issues and assign issues to the right person right from the chat room.

Different priorities can be set to regular chat messages as well.

How to set issue priority