How to manage shared files

How to upload files to chat

Each chat room, no matter private or a group room, has the paperclip button at the top left corner of the message input field.

How to upload file with Send File button

Besides using this button, you can also copy and paste any file into the chat room. You can either right-click in the message input field and select "Paste" to paste the file which you previously copied, or you can use the Ctrl+V (Command+V for macOS) shortcut to paste the file.

How to copy/paste a file into chat room

There is also another way to send a file - simply by dragging and dropping it into the chat room.

You can choose the method you are most familiar and comfortable with or use them interchangeably.

How to drag and drop file into conversation

You can either send files as separate messages or attach them to existing ones. Just drag the file to the message you need and drop it there. The other way is to right click the message and choose "Attach File" option.

How to add file to an existing message

All files transferred in the chat rooms are stored timelessly, so you can access and download them at any time.

How to search a file

How to search a file in a conversation

Virola client allows searching by file name in a conversation. Just click the "looking glass" icon in the chat room toolbar and type full or partial file name. The search will run immediately and show you the first result. Use up and down buttons to navigate through results.

How to download a file

To save a file locally, right-click the file, choose "Save File As..." option and then choose the location on your computer where you want to save the file, and click "Save".

Alternatively, you can just click the file and it will be automatically downloaded to Virola folder in your system Downloads folder.

Downloaded file will be automatically opened with the appropriate app. Executable files will run after user confirmation. Images and video files will be opened with Virola built-in viewer.

How to download a file from chat room

How to permanently remove a file

How to delete a file from a chat room

If you would like to delete a file from the conversation, similarly, right-click on the file title and select "Delete Attachment".

Remember that once a file is deleted, it's gone permanently for all chat room participants.