How to use task board

Task (Kanban, or Scrum) board is a separate space inside the Virola messenger which helps you to review and manage all current and past tasks. By default, when you open the task board, you will see all the issues grouped by status in the order they were added.

Task board in self-hosted Virola messenger

How to open task board

How to open task board

To open task board just click its icon above chat rooms list. The task board will open in a separate window so that you can both view issues on the board and continue ongoing conversations.

How to filter issues on task board

How to filter task board

If you want to view issues related to specific project, group, or person, you can filter out the task board by Room, Assignee, or Reporter. You can also view issues of specific type by applying filter by Type.

How to change issue status

When issue status is changed, just drag and drop the issue to the needed status column. The board will be refreshed automatically.

How to move issues on task board

How to view full issue text

Full issue text is not visible on the task board. If you need to open it, just click the issue number - the respective chat room will open and scroll up to the issue.

How to open issue text from task board

Learn more about Task board from our video

Please note that some toolbars and icons in this tutorial may differ a bit from the current Virola Client as we constantly improve its functionality and UI.