Admin role



By default there is one admin profile which is created automatically when you register the Virola cloud or set up the server version. You use this profile to log into Virola client first time.


The admin rights include:

Creating new users

An ability to assign admin role to any Virola user

Managing permissions

Removing users

Suspending user accounts

Resuming suspended accounts

Updating all user profiles

Assigning moderator role for meeting rooms

Assign tasks and issues

Schedule meetings


To activate the admin role for a user you need to do the following:


Assigning admin role to a user

Assigning admin role to a user


1.Right click on a user in the users or chats list

2.Select "User Profile" option

3.Click "Edit" icon next to the "Access"

4.Confirm granting admin rights to a user

5.Click "Yes" to save changes


Managing permissions


In Virola client as administrator you can prevent regular users from creating private or group meeting rooms. To manage permissions, please do the following:


1.Follow Administrator / Manage Permissions menu


Managing user permissions menu

Managing user permissions menu


2.In the appeared window select the configuration


User permissions config

User permissions config


3.Save changes




The following options showed in the administrator toolbar are used for Virola debugging, issues troubleshooting and server load monitoring:

1.Server Health

2.Server Crash Reports

3.Simulate Server Crash