Virola Pricing and Licensing model

Self-hosted Virola Server

Self-hosted Virola server is distributed as retail self-hosted software products under the following licensing schemes

Small Team

Price for up to 10 users


  • 10 online users
  • Free of charge
Monthly Subscription

Price for users

  • Price based on active users
  • per user per month
  • Billed monthly
Annual Subscription

Price for users

  • Price based on active users
  • per user per month
  • Billed annually
Perpetual License

Price for users

  • Price based on online users
  • per user forever
  • Billed once

If you need more than 1000 users, please contact our support via live chat or by email

  • By 'online user', we mean user connected to server.
  • Free Small Team license is installed on a new self-hosted server by default.
  • The Perpetual License is valid for major Virola version. This means that the license for the version 2.0.0 will include free upgrade to any 2.x.x version. Upgrade to the version 3.x.x will be paid but the price will be lower comparing to the new license purchase.
  • The License is limited to one production server. You may make backup or test copies of this server but the production instance of the server shall remain single.
  • You shall not try to bypass the license restrictions.
  • If you need help with setting up virtual server for Virola, please let us know.

Cloud Virola Server

Cloud Virola server is available for free under the terms of the Insider Preview program

  • Virola Insider Preview program is free and is not limited by the number of users. However, we reserve the right to limit cloud server usage if it requires an abnormal amount of cloud resources.
  • Insider Preview is available both for personal and commercial usage.
  • The purpose of Insider Preview is to provide users with an easy way to become acquainted with Virola and to gather feedback for future development and improvement.
  • After the end of the Insider Preview program, Virola Cloud server users will be charged for the amount of resources (traffic and hard disk space) used by the server.
  • We will help with your server migration from the cloud to a dedicated server if needed.