Text messaging

Enjoy text chatting with your teammates

Post messages as plain text, code, markdown, or HTML. Convert the message format if needed.

  • Plain text is perfect for regular messages. It preserves line breaks and makes links clickable.
  • Code is great for those whe need to share a peace of program code. The message has line numbering, preserves indents, and is displayed with a monospaced font.
  • Markdown is a rich format that supports creating headings, lists, formatting text appearance. It requires knowledge of basic Markdown syntax.
  • HTML is even richer format that allows creating colorful and very well-formatted messages. It requires at least basic HTML knowledge.
Examples of messages in different formats

Reply to messages with quotations

Perfect when you need to reply to a specific message in an active and chaotic multi-topic chat. Quoting the initial message helps to keep the chain of discussion and ensures that the reply is understood correctly.

Screenshot of a reply with the original message quotation

React to messages with emoticons

And see other chat participants' reactions.

Some messages don't require a text reply but still require some reaction from the reader to confirm that the information is noted, agreed upon, or maybe disapproved, evoked emotions, etc. This is where reactions with emoticons come handy. Just have a look at the message reactions and you'll understand how your teammates feel about it.

Screenshot of a message with emoticon reactions

Start discussions in separate discussion threads

Perfect for keeping together all messages related to some topic. Messages in discussion threads support all features mentioned above: formatting, replies with quotation, reactions with emoticons.

Example of a discussion thread

Share files

Add multiple files to existing messages or post them in a new message.

Media files are displayed with a preview and can be played with Virola internal player when possible. Files of known formats are opened with proper applications after downloading.

Screenshot of a message with attached image file

Turn messages into issues or meetings

Save time on retyping or copying the existing message to post it as an issue or meeting agenda. In Virola, you can convert a regular message to a task or meeting and vice versa when needed.

Example of a message converted into task

Mention your co-workers

Whenever you want to draw attention of specific chat room participant to your message or address a question, you can type @ and choose the necessary chat room participant from the appeared list. After sending a message with a mention, the person you mentioned will get a notification and pay attention to your message.

Example of user mention usage

Share links to messages

It is very convenient when you can share links to particular messages with chat room participants in group conversations. You just need to copy the link to this message and share it in your group chat. You can also share such links in other chat rooms, but they will be clickable only if a person is a member of the group where the message was posted.

How to get the message link

Use snipping tool to capture screenshots

If you need to take a screenshot and share it in a private or group chat, you can effortlessly do this with the help of the snipping tool which is available in the messages input area toolbar. It is the fastest and most convenient way to send an image snip in a message and have it shared with other Virola users.

Screenshot of the message input toolbar with snipping tool highlighted

Video tutorial

Learn more about sending quoted replies and starting discussion threads in Virola from our video

Please note that some toolbars and icons in this tutorial may differ a bit from the current Virola Client as we constantly improve its functionality and UI.