How to use voice meetings most effectively

How to join a voice meeting

To join a voice meeting, click the Headset icon at the right of the room toolbar. You'll be able to listen to the ongoing conversation.

To start talking, click the Microphone icon.

Note! Use Virola settings to check your headphones and microphone before joining a meeting.

How to start listening and talking in a voice meeting

For as long as you have the Microphone icon enabled, your voice will be transmitted into the chat room. Make sure not to forget to disable it once the meeting is finished. The same is true for Video icon.

How to check if your microphone disabled

You can easily identify if your mic is on in one of the chat rooms by looking at your avatar in the top left corner of the Virola screen. It will be lit in red to draw your attention. By scrolling down the list of rooms in your left pane, you will see in which of the rooms your microphone is enabled, it will be also lit in red and the mic icon will be active.

How to monitor and switch between meetings

How to monitor several meetings

You can monitor ongoing meetings and switch between them. All chat rooms with ongoing meetings are marked with activated Headset and Microphone icons and counters so that you can check the number of meeting participants while listening to another meeting.

You can disconnect from listening to a meeting and connect to another one at any moment by clicking the Headset icon off and on in respective chat rooms.