How to manage issues

How to create an issue from scratch

How to create an issue

To create an issue from scratch:

  1. Choose the 'Issue' message type from the list above the message input field
  2. Use appeared options to set the issue properties
  3. Type the issue description in the message input field. The first paragraph will be used as the issue title
  4. Send the message

How to create an issue from a message

To convert a message to an issue:

  1. Right click the message a and choose 'Turn into Issue' option
  2. Use the issue toolbar to set the issue properties
  3. Drop files to the issue or paste a screenshot from the clipboard (right click / Attach Image from Clipboard)
How to convert a message into an issue

Please note:

  • If you are a regular user you can convert only your own messages to issues
  • If you are a group chat room moderator you can convert any message in the room to an issue
  • If you are an administrator you can convert any message to an issue

Adding files to an issue

How to attach files to an issue

To have an exhaustive description of a problem sometimes it is necessary to illustrate it with a video or an image. Virola allows you to attach files of any type to your issues and access them as they are needed. A single issue can have multiple attachments and you can download or delete the attachments at any time.

Setting issue properties

Issues are categorized into a few different types. You can select one of these types when posting or updating an issue in order to give it a clearer description: Task, Subtask, Bug, Epic, Story, Feature Request and Merge Request.

How to set issue type

You can also set different priorities, such as Normal, High or Urgent to your issues and assign issues to the right person right from the chat room.

Different priorities can be set to regular chat messages as well.

How to set issue priority

Another handy feature is the issue status. You can select from Backlog, To Do, In Progress, Verify, Done, Declined. This helps most efficient tracking of all the current issues on task board.

How to set issue status