Virola messenger history

Follow our project growth

Virola Corporate Messenger grows fast. Every day our team works hard on both client apps and the engine. We are adding new features and improving existing ones to make Virola powerful and easy to use. We care for your data safety and never use third party modules or plugins for any kind of data transfer.

Here you can see some project milestones. Join us in our journey to the best business messenger.

  • Schedule your meetings easily

    Virola business messenger allows scheduling meetings and viewing them in a calendar. By clicking on the "Upcoming Meetings" icon you can view the list of all upcoming meetings and plan your working day accordingly.

    Meetings list has been available in Virola for a long time but now it has a completely new layout to provide the best customer experience.

  • Organize your chat rooms list

    It’s always a pain to search for some specific conversation looking through a huge list of similar items.

    To make this easier, we created a set of expandable categories for chat rooms:

    • Pinned – keep your favorite rooms at the top of the list
    • Recent – check messages that you received recently
    • Private – one-to-one chat rooms
    • Meeting – group chat rooms
    • Archived – hide unused chat rooms
  • Video files preview added

    You can now preview video files received in Virola Messenger right from the chat. Just click the file and it’ll be downloaded and opened in a built-in video player.

  • Screen sharing and remote control

    In many companies screen sharing as well as remote control features are widely used in internal business communication. With help of them you can:

    • Train your team by sharing your screen and running presentations
    • Help your team of technicians easily fix issues by taking control over other employees’ desktops
    • Make the performance of your employees working remotely more efficient

    Screen sharing feature has been available in Virola for a long time. Now we extended it with remote control functionality.

  • Insider preview program available

    Finally, you are welcome to join the insider preview program for Virola corporate messenger and bring your business communication to a new level. Self-hosted and cloud versions are available for the Virola corporate messenger. Get secure, reliable and easy to use application for your internal business communication.

    We offer free pre-release access to all features and apps and will be glad to hear your feedback.

  • Improved attachments preview

    Files transferred via Virola Messenger can now be opened right from the chat. An integrated viewer opens images and the proper application are used for other file types.

  • Video avatars feature added

    Live avatars make the conversations more vivid and human. With help of this feature your team members can create the feeling of a live presence during the meetings and show whether they are available at the desk.

    From the very beginning Virola offered animated avatars. They were created with periodic camera shots to show your team members whether you are at your desk.

    Now we implemented new video avatars. To use them just activate live video streaming in group meeting rooms.

  • Mobile Virola clients published

    To keep up with the speed of modern life we need to be available whenever and wherever we are. Virola mobile clients for iOS and Android allow communicating and participating in meetings even when you are away from your desk.

  • Task board for issues tracking

    During discussions and meetings various issues are risen and tasks are assigned. Thus it is important not to lose them, add to the board and assign to employees. For this purpose we added Task board in Virola. It allows tracking all available issues and tasks, filter them and see the progress.

  • Chat search improvements

    Search in chat room text includes now with issue titles, numbers, file names, etc. There is no chance to lose a message anymore!

  • Dark mode added

    Dark (night) mode is very popular now as it keeps our eyes safe. That’s why we added it to Virola Messenger.

    And if you are not happy with default color scheme, you can adjust it in the application settings.

Started as an internal project, Virola Messenger definitely has more milestones than mentioned on this page but they were not tracked. You are welcome to try Virola and check all the features yourself. And remember that Virola is currently free to use on the terms of internal preview license.